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10 Advantages Of Google Drive, Which is Very Useful in Our Daily Life with LifeTime Protection from Loss Data, Because it’s Google Drive.

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You'r Google Drive Account Storage was Full, Please Delete Another File in You'r Google Drive or Login with Other.

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Secure Link Url Creating Method in PvcDrive, Only in Few Click You’r Sharig File is Protected and Secured from Spaming.

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PvcDrive is a Web Application Website, Where You Can Login as a Google Account and Simply Share, You’r Google Drive Files with You’r Friends and Relatives after Create a Particular Url, Which is You are Want to Share with Family Members and Anywhere.
Very Big Reason is Security of You’r Files, Which You are Share with Friends and Relatives. Is You’r Files is Secure from Spam and James ? I Think Not Because Anyone Can do Fake Flag on You’r Original File and Blocked it by Google. So If You are Wants Strong Security and Analysis of How Many Times File is Downloaded by People then You Must Try PvcDrive and it has not Charge. It is Free to Use.
Yes !! I think this Question is Come in You’r Mind How I am Login with Google Account in PvcDrive and How it is Work. PvcDrive is a Web Application Website, Which is Verified by Google for Login People to PvcDrive. It is Known as the OAuth Application Verification.
Yes it is Secure, Because this Site is First Verified by Google and Given a Secure Environment for User to Login and Use PvcDrive. This Process is OAuth Application Verification, Which is Already Given by Google. So It is 100% Secure to Use PvcDrive to Protect, You’r Files from Spam and with Good Analysis of File.
No !! PvcDrive is Not Store any Files in Our Server, it is Stored in You’r Google Drive and Google Server. And PvcDrive not Give any Option to Upload File in Our Server. Pvc Drive is Only Given a Particular Url of You’r Particular File, Which You are Want’s to Share with You’r Friends and Relatives with Hide You’r File Id, So anyone not try to Do Spam.
PvcDrive is Work on Code Algorithm, I am Try to Explain in Detailed. When You are Login in PvcDrive and After Protect You’r First File by PvcDrive then It is Create a Page in Our Server for You’r Particular File with Secure Connection, Where anyone try to Access File then Our Algorithm try ask for Login after Login then Copy File in User Drive after Download Started from his Drive then it is Secure and Not Option of Spam.